5 Important Interview Tips To Crack Every Interview

5 Important Interview Tips To Crack Every Interview

Finding a dream job in today's time is a real challenge. If you have received a call from your favorite company for a job interview, there is a good chance that you are going to lose your sleep just thinking about it. Even though you have appeared in many interviews, cracking a job interview has always been daunting. Because of this reason, we have created this article with 5 interview tips that can help you crack your interview

Let's go through a few basic important interview tips for an interview

1. Read the Job description:

Before applying for a job always read about, "what they need”, “job qualifications”, “job requirements" etc. Analyzing the job profile you are applying for is the most important step for an interview. A lot of people make the mistake of scheduling an interview without reading the information, and then showing up for something that's not matching with their profile. When you walk into an interview, they first want to know if you are suitable for that job. If you are confident and answer their questions correctly, then there is no way the interviewer can miss the right candidate.

2. Read About The Company:

Investing your time in researching an employer will increase your chance of getting hired. Research the vision, mission, culture, and history of the organization. Research the interviewer's on LinkedIn. During the interview, when you'll confidently tell about the company it shows that you are not blindly applying for any position

3. Set Your First Impression:

The first impression is the best impression that one should make. Arriving within an appropriate amount of time before the interview and waiting patiently will show you professionalism and punctuality. Always keep some extra time for any emergency. The second point is to dress properly. You should be dressed neatly and well-groomed. Dressing formally shows that you are professional and serious about this job.

4. Positive Body Language:

Non-verbal communications are as important as verbal communication. If you want to perform well in an interview, it is important to know what body language means. Making and maintaining eye contact is a must. It shows that you are paying attention to your interviewer. Avoid making an unnecessary hand gesture. Answer the questions naturally and casually and yes! Smile occasionally

5. Prepare the most important question-Tell me about yourself

'Tell Me about yourself is one of the most commonly asked HR interview questions. To get the job, the employer needs to know about your background, your qualification, your hobbies, and things that make you that much more appealing

  • Start with a formal greeting (e.g.-Hello Sir/Ma’am, Good morning/Good afternoon/Good evening).
  • After that tell your Name, and where were you born and raised. (E.g.-My name is XXX, and I am from XXX. I was born and raised in XXX)
  • Qualification hierarchy should be from 10th to Graduation/PG (E.g.-I have done 10th from XXX school board with First division
  • After that, I completed 12th from XXX board with First Division
  • I have completed Graduation from XXX University)
  • After the qualification highlight, your internship project, include the name of the company, and the type of work done.

At the end describe your hobbies. Make sure to write your actual hobbies because the interviewer can ask in detail about your hobbies. For example, if you have written “Reading books” the interviewer can ask about your favorite books and can ask about summarizing any one book. Therefore choose your hobbies wisely

There are various strategies out there to help you prepare for a job interview. By planning your preparation and observing your previous interviews, you should be able to prepare yourself well enough to get hired.

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