9 Things To Know Before Hiring A Professional Resume Writer In 2023

9 Things To Know Before Hiring A Professional Resume Writer In 2023

Making an engaging and informative resume is crucial while applying for new jobs if you want to stand out as a top candidate. This is why you might want to think about using professional resume writer to conduct research on your behalf and produce a resume that emphasizes your most important qualifications.

Finding a new job can be made easier by becoming aware of critical factors to take into account before selecting a professional resume writer. Hiring someone to create your resume online could seem like a simple solution. However, you should conduct your research before paying anyone.

There are a lot of professional resume writers with the necessary training, credentials, and success rates out there. But you'll need to do some digging to discover them.

While deciding which resume writer will effectively satisfy your job-hunting needs and attract the interest of a hiring manager, keep the following factors in mind.

1. Check the credentials

Selecting a professional resume writer assures that you will be dealing with a qualified and tested expert. Typically they have several years of experience, even though there are talented writers who continue to be uncertified.

Note that some certificates in resume writing require more testing than others. The finest use a blind grading system, require continuing education units to retain certification, have prerequisites for authors, and test several areas of competency. Also, resume writers may find it beneficial to develop their career counseling abilities. There are several career coaching certificates to look out for.

2. Check references

When asked for references, many experienced resume writers will refuse for a very good, sincere reason. Those who care about such things refrain from disclosing the names of previous clients due to professional ethics and customer confidentiality issues.

To help secure their clients' identities, the majority of resume experts who can do so will publish reviews of their services. They also publish letters of recommendation from previous customers using just their first name, address, and designation of industry.

3. Determine your budget

When choosing a professional writer, the cost is an important consideration because it affects the competence of their work. The location, level of writing experience, and certification of the business all affect the price. The price may also be impacted by your level of experience. If you're changing careers, you might have to pay more than a candidate with less experience or a fresh graduate. To experience high-quality service, you must spend your money wisely.

4. Understand their writing process

It's critical to confirm that the resume writing procedure satisfies your requirements. For instance, some professional resume writers want to meet their customers in person while others demand that their consumers fill out extensive questionnaires. Before creating a resume, some resume writing services merely contact consumers via phone, email, and worksheets. Physical meetings and phone or email consultations are efficient writing techniques that can help a writer to figure out how to best show off a customer's qualifications to an employer.

5. Check the turnaround time

Several resume writing services need a week, a month, or even more to do the job. This is because for them to generate high-quality work, their resume-editing procedure typically involves many pros. For instance, they might give one person the responsibility of formatting, and another person the task of grammar. These professional resume writers frequently put quality before quickness. You must take a service that gives a 24-hour turnaround time into consideration if your application deadline is approaching.

6. Check reviews

You need reviews to determine whether the service provided by a professional writing firm is satisfactory. Read the online reviews of the company and conduct research. To find out more about their services, check out independent review websites. This can assist you in finding the professional resume writers.

7. Understand the guarantee

Always keep in mind that a resume is a tool and that the best tool in the world won't be very useful if it isn't used properly.

When a resume leaves the resume writer's office, the writer has little control over how it will be utilized or not used.

Be alert and carefully read the fine print if a writer promises to guarantee employment or even interviews. While some may attempt to provide this guarantee with the best of intentions, the majority are aware that it isn't realistic and will require you to jump through hoops to show how you have used the resume before letting you receive it. Others more frugally promise that you'll be happy with the standard of service you receive.

8. Create a written agreement and understand what is included

It is generally beneficial to sign a written agreement, even if it isn't glamorous or written in legal language. This will ensure that there are no doubts regarding what will be supplied and how much it will cost, as well as that you fully grasp the resume writer's procedure and policies.

9. Use services that are knowledgeable in your industry

Many professional resume writing services can create basic resumes for customers, but you must pick one with experience in your industry. Having industry-specific certifications can help you stand out from the competition as a job applicant.

This might also help the manager value your resume more highly than others. You can effectively summarize your professional experience and list your skills by working with a professional resume writer with knowledge in your field.


If you choose to hire a professional resume writer, you should browse around before selecting one. You must choose a resume writing service that can satisfy all of your requirements. Strong writing abilities alone won't help you create a resume that attracts the attention of recruiters and potential employers. Although hiring someone to create your resume online could seem like a simple solution, you should check these guidelines before paying anyone.